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Huawei: ‘Everyone will have to do wearable gadgets including us’

With wearable technologies such as smart watches and techy eyewear on the verge of a mainstream boom, Huawei has suggested all leading tech manufacturers will have to get in on the act, without exception.

Speaking in the wake of the unveiling of the Huawei Ascend P6, currently the world’s slimmest smartphone, the Chinese manufacturer has claimed that all leading tech companies will be making wearable gadgets in the near future, including itself.

“Wearable technologies is something that everybody is going to be doing, without question, everybody,” Nick Woodley, Head of ID Design at Huawei’s London design offices said in an exclusive interview with TrustedReviews. He added: “That is a very clear future.”

Pressed on whether Huawei itself will be jumping aboard the wearable technology bandwagon in the near future, Woodley went on the answer in the affirmative, suggesting Huawei could be an early adopter as opposed to having to follow the trends set by others.

Discussing the fledgling wearable tech market further, Huawei’s design head suggested that companies are still just beginning to figure out the sector, despite a number of products, including the likes of Google Glass, the Nike FuelBand and the MetaWatch Strata already doing the rounds.

“It’s already here now, there are products already on the market and we are slowly figuring it all out,” Woodley told us. He added: “It started off with sports accessories which have a very quick story to tell that people get. Imagine how many other stories could be out there with other wearable accessories, it could be infinite.”

With an Apple iWatch reportedly in the works as an iPhone compatible companion that will allow users to get email, messaging and alert notifications without the need to fish their handset out of their pocket, Woodley has claimed these tradition form factors will remain, for the time being at least.

“I’m guessing that the first wearable accessories will have to be done in a traditional way, maybe ease people into it with a familiar form factor,” he said.

“If the best way of doing something is on your wrist then these wearable technologies will take the form of a watch. It is difficult to say exactly what form they will take until we have determined the problems they will look to address.”

Adding that “there are a huge number of wearable technologies on the market right now and they are incredibly diverse,” Woodley predicted that once wearable gadgets mainstream they will become as popular as smartphone themselves. He stated: “I think once it goes it will go. You can see that the whole technology curve is extremely swift.”

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