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Huawei expresses wish for more customisable Android Wear platform

Huawei has expressed its wish for Android Wear to be more customisable ahead of the upcoming Huawei Watch release.

With the Huawei Watch having been showcased at MWC 2015 earlier this month as a direct Moto 360 rival, the Chinese manufacturer has suggested there are not enough customisation option around the Android Wear platform.

“We wish [we had more freedom to customise the Android Wear platform],” Yang Yong, Huawei’s Vice President of Product Management, said speaking with TrustedReviews recently.

He added: “We need to communicate with Google how we can do that.

Android Wear is not as open as Android. For the watch it cannot be a standard.

At present, all Android Wear watches offer largely similar user experiences, with interchangeable watch faces the only major point of differentiation between products. The general operating system cannot be skinned and menus and features are unchanged between devices.

Suggesting this needs to change, and soon, Yong added: “We want the users to feel that it’s their own watch, not a standard watch.”

With many devices now playing in the Android Wear space, including the LG G Watch R, variety is needed to compete with the upcoming Apple Watch.

“People have different appetites for the watch,” Yong said. “What we are doing is trying to make from the hardware view, in the design view, in the software view, in the surface view, we are trying to differentiate our watch to appeal to the consumers who will use it.”

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Detailing the company’s current customisation restrictions, he added: “We can introduce some level of customisation for different markets. From this point of view, what we can differentiate from our competitors is that we have different watch faces so each customer’s demands are met by our design team.

“We’ve already design, from market research and speaking with consumers, what sort of watch faces they like.”

Is the lack of customisation options putting you off adopting an Android Wear smartwatch? Let us know via the comments section below.