HTC Smartphones Keep Getting Thinner

Just 17mm thick with a thumbboard.

HTC is on something of a roll (you could argue it has been for the last two years) and with this latest stunning smartphone I’m pained to ask: does this company never get dizzy?

The lovely looking P4350 (strangely the same code as a Lexmark printer) is latest in a long line of quality mobile devices and it packs all the usual HTC traits:

Qwerty thumbboard, Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, 2.8in touch screen LCD with 320 x 240 native resolution, Bluetooth, WiFi, a two megapixel integrated camera, MicroSD expansion slot and 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM. What it does surprisingly lack however is 3G relying on GPRS/EDGE connectivity but it tries to make up for this with a slim 17mm thick design and relatively dainty 168g weight.

All the typical Office productivity software is onboard: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the ability to view PDF documents though the 200MHz TI processor is a little lightweight considering the punch of the TyTN’s 400MHz-er.

RRP for the P4350 is set for $735 with units hitting Europe from December. Vodafone has been the first network to snap up the P4350 but don’t expect it to be the last…