HTC Rights Wrongs With ‘Touch Dual’

Official confirmation of lessons learnt.

We knew about it on Saturday, but now I’ve seen it in the flesh…

Today’s launch saw HTC’s ”official” announcement of the ‘Touch Dual’ (previously known as the Touch Slide and codenamed the ‘Nike’). As suspected, it is a slider version of the mediocre Touch and looks to right a lot of its wrongs with a Blackberry-esque SureType keyboard, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, a fast 400MHz CPU, 2MP camera, doubled 256/126MB of ROM/RAM and a 2.6in QVGA touchscreen display.

An updated version of the company’s TouchFLO interface is onboard too with additional multi-touch-ish movements (picture rotate and zoom most notably) and a beefier multimedia player with far greater codec support (yes, including AVI playback).

In addition, HTC showed that it hasn’t given up on its original Touch (even if we had) by announcing a (much needed) full virtual keyboard will soon be added to it via a firmware update. This should at least make up for the sorry one in Windows Mobile.

As for availability, it is late October/early November with the handset expected to be a bargain costing nothing on £35pm contracts and above. Could the greatest of disappointments actually produce an excellent successor? Life’s examples of Star Wars, Rambo, Dalglish, Hilton and Richie suggests not, but I think so…

Touch Dual Product Page