HTC Rhyme Gets Official

In these days of equal opportunities and gender neutrality,

it is strange to see a phone being launched aimed specifically at woman – but

that’s just what HTC has done with its new handset.

The Rhyme, or the Bliss as it had been previously known, was launched in the US today with a

lilac-coloured version set to arrive on the Verizon network in the coming

weeks. A more demur silver version will becoming to Europe

in October.

The Rhyme has a 3.7in WVGA Super LCD screen, 1GHz Qualcomm

Snapdragon processor, 768MB of RAM and a 5 megapixel rear camera. While this

all seems rather run-of-the-mill for current Android phones, it’s the included

accessories and its strange plum colour which will set it apart as a

female-focused device.

HTC Rhyme

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The Rhyme will come with an attached charm whose LED will

light up the same colour as the phone – presumably to find it in the bottom of

those monstrous bags women carry around these days. This plugs into the

headphone jack so you’ll know instantly when you have a new text message.

There are also a pair of tangle-free headphones and an alarm

dock included though unfortunately the headphones are not of the Beats variety

we saw recently bundled with the new HTC Sensation XE.

HTC Rhyme

The HTC Rhyme will run Android 2.3 and will come with the

latest version of Sense (3.5) skinned on top.

We’re not sure if women will be attracted to this phone or

if they will be appalled at the implications that they only like purple-coloured gadgets which match their GHDs and have glittery LEDs attached.

Ladies, let us know what you think in our comments.