HTC Launches Diamond2, Touch Pro2 & G2

Tasty touchscreen goodness all the way, but with a choice of gooey centres...

HTC is next up… (Following Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Microsoft, Samsung and LG remain the other biggies today)

Now we’re going to take a step back from all the officialdom first with a tasty leak via BGR (said to be formally announced tomorrow): the eagerly anticipated ‘G2’. Sadly not the sex-fest we’d hoped the handset is christened the ‘HTC Magic’ and looks a little, well… dull.

It does drop the physical keyboard for a more slim line form factor and keeps faith with the mediocre 3.2MP fixed focus camera sans flash that afflicted the G1 but also retains the good points of HSDPA, WiFi and GPS. Apparently Cupcake will also be pre-installed. Interestingly, Vodafone is picking this one up which – if exclusive – would surely frustrate T-Mobile, let alone all those early adopters who leapt on the G1.

Back into handsets-HTC-actually-wanted-us-to-see and we get two successors at MWC today: the ‘Diamond2’ and ‘Touch Pro2’. Radical upgrades to the original Diamond and Touch Pro both feature beautifully updated styling with 3.2 WVGA (480 x 800) and 3.6in VGA screens respectively, HSDPA, WiFi and GPS. The Diamond takes the honours in the camera segment with a 5MP autofocus offering compared to the Pro2’s 3.2 megapixeller but lacks the physical keyboard still craved by so many.

Meanwhile both are on the end of revamped TouchFLO interfaces which, amusingly, look far more impressive than the one Microsoft has concocted for Windows Phone (ie Windows Mobile 6.5). The Diamond2 also boasts 50 per cent better battery life than its predecessor and each supports microSDHC up to 16GB. They’ll both drop during the summer.

Don’t you wish either had Android on it instead of the ‘Magic’…?!

”’Update:”’ Official pics of the Magic are now here and with its G1-matching capacitive touchscreen it may well turn out to be the best of the handsets here…

Touch Pro2
G2 via BGR

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