HTC Confirms P6300/S710 Successors & Shift

Upgrades and officialdom rather than great surprises.

It can be argued that it is nice to be surprised at a new product launch and that all the leaks and scoops diminish our sense of wonder. On the other hand I think that’s complete crap since I’d like to ”know” what is on the horizon so I’m not treated to a ‘sense of anger’ when a new uber-product is released just days after I splash out on a new device.

So latest amiable victim: HTC

At today’s launch we have already seen the Touch Dual (which we spotted on Saturday but there were three other products also on show: the Shift (first spotted in March!) and two previous unknowns: the S730 and P6500.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot to say about the Shift since it is everything we had been expecting with no change in hardware specs though we do know that HTC’s first all-out assault on the UMPC sector will last a remarkable 48 hours on standby but a measly two hours in operation.

As for the surprises: the S730 looks a nice boost to Riyad’s pre-Vario III favourite, the S710 which offers identical specs to the Touch Dual (WM6, 400MHz CPU, 256/126MB ROM/RAM, Blutooth 2.0 with EDR, WiFi, 2MP camera) but with a 2.4in QVGA screen and candybar/qwerty slider format.

The other is the business orientated P6500 – an upgrade to the middling P6300 (what is it with HTC and skipping number sequences?) – which has the same 3.5in QVGA touchscreen format as its predecessor but adds a 3MP camera, GPS, barcode and fingerprint scanning and dual SDIO interface for memory card storage or accessory connections. The suits may be its focus, but I suspect consumers will have a soft spot for it too.

As for availability, it is late October/early November releases across the board though sadly, unlike the Touch Dual, no RRPs/tariff concessions were revealed. I may not have seen anything mind blowing today but I still find myself nodding my head in headmaster-y satisfaction…

”’Update:”’ The Shift will retail for €1199 (approx. £850) – tempting, but tempting enough?

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