HSDPA, WiFi & GPS Standard On Samsung’s New Smartphones

Featured.... wait for it.... PACKED.

Samsung has had a terrific impact on the phone market. It has virtually standardised 3MP+ cameras on its mid-to-high-end models, come up with the thinnest form factors and – arguably – with the Croix created the best iPhone challenger to date. Next: WiFi, HSDPA & GPS.

Today the Koreans have unleashed a trio of smartphones, two sliders: the i550 (which I’ve brought you news of already) and i560 (right); and the Blackberry-esque i780 (left). ”All” have WiFi, ”all” have fast 3.6Mbps HSDPA connectivity and ”all” have integrated GPS. Wow.

As if often the case with bulk announcements, Sammy hasn’t been too liberal with the details here but we can tell you that on top of their impressive commonalities the i550 has a 2.6in screen, trackball navigation, and a 3MP camera; the i560 matches all this but has a 2.55in screen and FM radio and the i780 copies the i560 though compromises on a 2MP camera to achieve a slender 12.8mm thickness.

Perhaps curiously all three of these devices will be network exclusives, but each on different networks. The i550 is coming to O2 in early ’08, the i560 appears on Vodafone next month and the i780 also arrives in November on Orange.

Sammy rivals… no pressure!

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