HP To Release Remote Access Home Server

MediaSmart Server to utilise Microsoft's Windows Home Server for all sorts of NAS loveliness.

Networked Attached Storage (NAS) is a burgeoning market at the moment, and HP look set to continue its interest after the well received Media Vault.

Utilising Microsoft Windows Home Server, the HP MediaSmart Sever is intended to provide a platform for easy access to your data from anywhere, whether it be downstairs in the living room or across the other side of the world.

Powered by an AMD 1.8GHz Sempron, it has space for up to four 7200rpm SATA hard drives with a combined capacity of up to 3.5 terabytes. Gigabit Ethernet is supported, as is wireless networking, while back-up software will check for changes in files and back them up on-the-fly.

Everything is enclosed in a smart micro-tower design, with the hard drives hot-swappable via pull out drawers on the front. There are four USB ports too, which can be used to further supplement internal storage to the tune of up to 7.5 terabytes – though in practice this hardly seems likely.

Although pricing has yet to be announced HP has said they’ll be available in October, and by the looks of things it could be a very attractive option for the home and even small businesses.


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