HP Pulling Linux From UK Netbooks

XP serves its UK customers better, apparently.

HP’s Mini note 1000 sounds pretty good on paper, the basic reasoning behind it being to take the 2133 and swap the rubbish VIA C7 CPU for an Intel Atom chip. Annoyingly though, would-be owners wanting to buy the Linux option will find themselves at a loss because HP isn’t going to sell it in the UK.

HP reckons that XP versions of its netbooks will better serve the UK market which is fair enough. While I would still prefer to see both Linux and Windows options, there is a lot to be said for reducing customer confusion. Many netbooks users probably will be better with the familiarity of Windows. And at least HP hasn’t gone the Sony P-series route and opted for Vista!

Given the £400-odd asking price, the HP Mini 1000 as available in the UK isn’t exactly the biggest conformer to the original netbook ethos of cheap and cheerful computing. It’s not as if it packs an outstanding specification either coming with a 1,024 x 576 pixel screen, and either 60GB hard drive, 8GB, SSD or 16GB SSD.


Via IT Pro

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