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Where and when to watch tonight’s Galaxy Note 10 launch event

It’s Note 10 day, everyone! Hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung is set to pull the covers off the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. For those of you who are in the market for smartphone that’s big enough to require its own stylus, here’s how you can watch the Note 10 launch live.

The Note 10 will succeed the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, an unashamedly huge, powerful and expensive handset that we consider to be one of the best smartphones around, thanks to its outstanding battery life, excellent display and handy S Pen.

We consider the Note 9 to be the best big phone around, and awarded it a stellar 4.5 stars in our review. Here’s what we wrote:

“There are lots of ‘big’ phones on the market, but none do as much with their size as the Note 9 … The Note 9 won’t be for everyone, though; but that’s always been the way with the Note series. It’s super-expensive at £899/$999 and, for many, it will simply be too big. I also think the overall design of the Galaxy S9 Plus is slightly better.

However, if you’ll make use of the S Pen, all that storage and the gorgeous display, then the Note 9 will be worth it.”

Samsung is expected to officially pull the covers off its successor, the Note 10, at an event that kicks off at 9pm BST today, and you’ll be able to watch the unveiling on the company’s website. Just follow this link.

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We’ve seen an innumerable number of leaks over the past few months and, sadly, they suggest that the Note 10 will represent a fairly modest upgrade over the Note 9.

The biggest news is that there will be two versions of the handset: a standard Note 10 and an even bigger, even more expensive Note 10 Plus. There will likely be a 5G variant of the Plus model too.

Here’s everything we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ahead of its launch.