Hotmail Hits 10GB Paid/5GB Unpaid

Leaving Google and Yahoo in the dust.

It has been lagging behind both Google and Yahoo’s email offerings for some time but Microsoft’s age-old Hotmail service could be set to leap ahead…

Latest improvements include an increase to 5GB of storage space (nearly double that of Google) and users will notice incremental increases immediately (mine’s already up to 4GB – above). Impressively, paid users will see this double to an incredible 10GB – surely surpassing the needs of virtually any user.

On top of this Microsoft promises to streamline Hotmail’s performance, flag duplicated contacts, up spam filters and improve email delivery reliability. Mail retention will also held for longer in junk and deleted items folders while email forwarding to other accounts (Hotmail only for unpaid users) is finally thrown into the mix along with automated vacation replies.

In sum it sounds like a pretty compelling feature list and – hopefully – will bring a swift response from its rivals too…

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