Honeywell evohome smart thermostat system launched

The Honeywell evohome smart thermostat has been launched, offering intuitive smart zone technology.

Available to purchase through the Honeywell Installer Network now, the evohome system uses special sensors for individual rooms to offer greater control.

“In the same way you don’t only have one light switch for your entire house, we believe you shouldn’t control your heating with one single switch”, said Jeremy Peterson, Honeywell EMEA Home Comfort and Energy System division GM. “With the right heating controls in place, you really can make your home your perfect comfort zone by setting different temperatures for different rooms, at different times.”

Evohome allows up to 12 zones to be created in your home by placing individual wireless nodes on your radiator valves.

These modules communicate with the main controller paired with your boiler to let you create zones that can be managed separately.

“We’re done extensive testing proving the energy saving benefits of smart zoning and having an accurate, real-time insight into home heating. With uncertainty surrounding energy bills and wintery conditions across the UK, we believe it can help households make real savings on energy bills.”

The nodes are pretty smart too, as it’ll recognise when a particular zone in the house changes temperature and adjust the heating accordingly. Imagine if you left a window open in a particular room, evohome could turn off the radiator in that zone to make sure you’re not wasting energy.

Evohome also learns how quickly your house can be cooled or warmed throughout the year.

Honeywell claims that upgrading from a basic timer and thermostat controls to the evohome Smart Zoning system could offer 40 per cent saving on your heating.

The Honeywell smart thermostat system can be controlled via Android and iOS apps that can be programmed with particular heating schedules even if you’re not at home. It also features quick actions like “day off”, “economy” and “away” for when you’re going on holiday.

Pricing for Honeywell evohome starts at £249 (without the radiator nodes) and are available now.

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