Hitman’s final episode is coming later this month

The final episode in Hitman’s first season is launching on October 31 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, IO Interactive has announced.

Set in Hokkaido, Japan, the bittersweet scenario will see Agent 47 travel to the land of the rising sun in search of his next target, bringing his mysterious story to an end.

This may be the final episode in Hitman’s first season, but the beloved stealth title could have another two full set of episodes in store if IO Interactive has its way.


We’d love to see more from Agent 47, especially when you consider how much fun this year’s installment has been. In many ways, it’s the best stealth experience of 2016.

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Hitman’s debut season has seen our favourite bald assassin travel to the likes of France, Paris, Morocco and the United States. Japan seems like a fitting place for the refined professional to rest his case.

We loved the latest episode of Hitman, describing it as a “another triumph” with a truly challenging focus on pure, unfiltered stealth.

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