Hitman 2: Hands-on preview, new trailers and more

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced the return of Agent 47 in Hitman 2, a sequel to 2016’s critically acclaimed stealth adventure. Recently announced in a gorgeous trailer ahead of E3 2018, players can get their hands on the new entry much sooner than they might think, and it comes with all the first season’s content for free!

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Hitman 2 including all the latest news, release date, gameplay, trailers and more.

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What is Hitman 2?

Hitman 2 is a fully-fledged sequel to the 2016 reboot, although it won’t be following the episodic model utilised by its predecessor. Instead, it will release in full with multiple levels at launch. Agent 47 will venture from sun-drenched streets to dark, dank rainforests in search of new targets to eliminate in ludicrously creative ways. We’d love to see the ambitious narrative expanded upon, too.

Hitman 2 release date – when is it coming out?

IO Interactive has confirmed that Hitman 2 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 13, 2018.

As mentioned above, it won’t be episodic, although it will include an expansion pass for future downloadable content.

Hitman 2 Gameplay Preview

An important caveat: I’m rubbish at Hitman. I have no patience. When the first episode launched of the excellent predecessor, and I laid eyes on the first target before he even got on the cruise ship, I immediately started flipping coins in front of him, trying to lead him to the alleyway behind his car in the hope I could kill him there and then. He saw me flipping the coins, and kept asking what I was doing, but I persisted, because I’m the world’s worst assassin.

Hitman 2 seems to cater for me a little bit more, with loads of contextual cues to help idiots like me feel much closer to Agent 47 without stripping back player agency. Getting a chance to play a mission in which our barcoded killer has to kill a racecar driver mid-race, I’m very excited to finally fill up to the task of taking on the job.

The demo takes place during a race weekend, where the task is to kill a driver during the race itself. As anyone who plays Hitman knows, the myriad ways that any mission can be completed, and the amount of studying that needs to be done to discover these can take hours. For the sake of this E3 2018 demo, there were only a handful of ways this kill can be achieved, and luckily, there was someone on hand to walk me through them in a snappy fashion.

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hitman 2

You begin in a giant party area of the festival, out the back of the race itself. There’s a lot of people, a lot of noise, and the first task is to make it into the VIP area. Instinct Mode is back, and once again it highlights the key people of interest. It still consistently highlights the target, or targets, as well as any people of interest, be them potential unsuspecting victims-to-be because they have an outfit that will get us into the next room or a security guard to avoid.

There’s also a cool mechanic that highlights more high-level people to avoid. Characters with a white circle above their head are more likely to suspect you sooner, and so Agent 47 must take extra care to stay away. For example, if dressed as a security guard, you need to be more mindful of bumping into the head of security, as they’ll know the names and faces of every member of their staff. It’s a super cool mechanic that really plays into the idea of this being a thinking person’s game.

So while in Instinct Mode, my demo host suggests going into the parking lot and using the security team to get at the driver, but the whole time he’s talking, I’ve had my eyes on the man in the giant pink bird suit as he strutted his way into the VIP lounge. I’ve already decided that’s our ticket in.

We then make our way down to the parking lot, where, ironically, the mascot has already been taken out by another guy, who has already donned the suit and is hiding around the corner. The new mascot asks us to go and get his car keys, which he dropped when he bopped the other guy, who is being tended to by security. By asking 47 to help, it’s given me an in. I walk over, get the keys, and give them back, before knocking the unsuspecting criminal out on the way to his car and take the suit.

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hitman 2

In the VIP area, I know start wandering around, looking for a member of the racer’s pit crew, my way in to sabotage her car and plant an explosive on it. After finding him, I’m told by my guide that I need to become a waiter in order to plant rat poison in his drink. I’m also told that it’s way more difficult to achieve this while dressed as the mascot, and an alternative method available in this demo would have been much easier. Perfect.

It’s this level of detail in Hitman that always astounds me. The incredible variety of mission completion, underpinned by the fact that complete and utter chaos can ensue at any time. And it does, as my subsequent three attempts to sneak into the kitchen and take out a waiter end in failure. Failure meaning I get chased by security and a gunfight kicks off with me hanging out of a window, hoping to not be spotted in an area filled with literally hundreds, if not thousands of spectators, I should add.

Eventually, I finally manage to rush into the kitchen fast enough to knock out both a waiter and a chef with nobody else seeing, then head back out into the party and poison the pit-crew boss’ drink, before taking his clothes after following him to the toilet and doing the same there.

A quick walk down to the driver’s race team and Agent 47 can choose three different methods to kill the driver: put sugar in the gas tank, plant a bomb on the car, or mess with the tire. In the demo, the only option is to plant the bomb, but you also get to manually detonate it and watch the chaos unfold on the track.

It’s so impressive seeing the depth of world-building the studio has created, and while many will love diving into and unpicking the puzzle, having my hand held for this demo was massively appreciated, as it helped me see the potential of the game when you actually understand the process. I had an absolute blast playing the game, especially as now I actually felt like Agent 47.

First Impressions

Hitman 2 looks set to define what the first series did, offer tools to cater to players who struggle with the depth and complexity of the assassinations and now offer some incredibly exotic missions.

It may seem like more of the same, but there’s certainly more than meets the eye, and I can’t wait to dive in and find out exactly how much more.

Hitman 2 trailers – how does it look?

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The reveal trailer for Hitman 2 is absurdly stylish. Narrated by Sean Bean, it features Agent 47 as he eliminates a motorsport driver in a variety of brutally brilliant ways.

IO Interactive has announced that all locations from Hitman’s first season will be available in the upcoming sequel for free. Better yet, they will be enhanced with new improvements and mechanics, so you’ve essentially twice the levels for the same price.

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