Hitachi Cuts HDD Power Use By 40 Per Cent

Saving the planet, one fluffy bunny at a time.

Flowers, trees, birds and puppies breathe a sigh of relief.

Hitachi has today announced that it has produced a consumer ready hard drive which it claims reduces power consumption by up to 40 per cent over its previous generation.

Dubbed the ‘Deskstar P7K500’, the 250GB to 500GB line utilises just 3.6 watts when idle with capacities of 320GB+ requiring just 4.8 watts. Active power requirements are similarly low at 6.4 watts and 8.2 watts respectively – a figure which Hitachi boasts makes the 250GBer 59 per cent more efficient than comparable 250GB HDDs in its class.

So how were the cuts achieved? Three key design changes:

*Using its HiVERT tech to increase the use of switching regulators in place of linear regulators for more efficient voltage conversion in the electronics

*Adopting the Travelstar system-on-a chip design which is a more efficient profile

*Incorporating the company’s GST load/unload technology which unloads drive heads to the ramp when the servo is shut off which enables the spindle motor RPM to be reduced

Interestingly, Hitachi hasn’t cut any corners with the P7K500 either since the SATA range has 7200RPM performance and an 8MB/16MB (depending on capacity) buffer.

A release timeframe of late Q4 has been confirmed and Greenpeace activists you know what to do… Yes, harpoon”all” computers because of their massive environmental footprint.

Hitachi UK