Hitachi 1080i LCD Has Odd Resolution

We're curious. Very, very curious.

So you’ve read the welcome message, now it’s about time we got on with the content. Hitachi kicks off our expanded news coverage by announcing a very smart – if rather odd – new HD Ready set.


The 42in 42HDS69 may not be a member of the expanding 1080p club we’re being seeing so much of recently, but it packs in some quality features. Before we get to them though let me point out the more weird one: an unusual 1024 (H) x 1080 (V) resolution. I was sceptical to say the least hearing this but check out the grab from the official spec list for yourselves:


Weird huh? Either way, Hitachi says this screen consequently has a number of tricks up its sleeve including 1080i compatibility, the ability to manage four HD aspect modes, automatic 3:2 film processing and the promise of 16 per cent greater brightness than we have seen from any of the company’s previous TVs. Day and night memory settings are also available which produce a bright picture for daytime viewing and a home theatre style image for the evening.

Furthermore, a raft of connectivity options are available on the 42HDS69 since it has no less than ”three” HDMI inputs and ”three” component inputs. Which means you’ll be able to connect up pretty much every device you could ever want. A 36 Watt three way speaker is integrated into the frame with MTS stereo and bass boost and even a range of screen savers come preinstalled (though I can’t help but think when not watching a TV it is easier – and kinder to all the little otters and deer – to just switch the thing off?!).

The release date is described as ‘coming soon’ and a $2,500 price tag has been set, which suggests a lot of TV for your money. I’m still rather troubled by that odd screen resolution, however, so if I hear anything more I’ll be back to update you. Hitachi, sheesh, it’s ker-ray-zee!

Hitachi UK

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