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Hit iOS game Threes lands on Android

One of the most buzzed-about iPhone and iPad games of the past month or so, Threes, has finally made its way to Android.

Unlike Flappy Bird, Threes has had nothing but good will heaped upon it since its early February launch. It’s that rare mobile game that’s as much a hit with the game critics as it is with the Twitter trendsters.

Which is why it’s such big news that Threes is now available on the Google Play Store. And it’s not a dodgy clone or anything, though you might have to dodge a few to find it.

Sirvo’s game draws up a simple four-by-four grid and populates it with numbered cards. By sliding up, down, left and right, you can shift the whole grid along in that direction. Any matching adjacent numbers (generally two of the same number, though ones and twos need each other to form threes) will be squished together to form a single card with their combined value.

You keep going until you can move no more, with fresh cards steadily dripping in from the margins. At the end of the round, each card is assigned a value and totted up for a final score.

And that’s it. The whole game has a beautifully elegant, minimalist feel to it, with subtle animations and charming anthropomorphised cards lending a touch of class and humour.

It’s precisely how mobile gaming should be done, essentially.

Threes is available now on the Google Play Store for £1.20 – which is 29p cheaper than the original iOS version.

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