High Def Downloads Coming To Apple TV?

Logical next step, but will Apple take it?

Despite the fact that we get rather less content than our US counterparts, there is no doubt that a lot of Apple TVs are being sold – even if only to the hundreds of fanboys out there. While getting some more content of any sort would no doubt help those sales, the latest rumour has it that HD downloads are soon to be available on iTunes; an addition that might even persuade some of the die-hard anti-Apple camp to change their views.

Supposedly the update will be coming some time this month and the claims are backed up by a recent mammoth order from Apple for new devices. Of course it could just be that the company is buying in bulk to get best value for money, but something tells me Apple has enough buying power to not have to resort to such measures. Fingers crossed, then, for a simultaneous worldwide release of House and CSI in HD, DRM free – or at least not too restrictive.

A couple of sites, including MacOS Rumours, are saying they have some news about Apple TV about which they are currently under NDA. Clearly HD downloads are the next logical step for the device, which can already play 720p content via its component or HDMI connector so we can’t think of anything more likely to be announced. Of course, even if Apple only announces a price drop or some new hard drive sizes it still won’t be a bad thing per se, but I for one hope this turns out to be right.

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