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Hidden port lets you charge your Apple Watch faster

When we first heard about the Apple Watch’s secret port, we were filled with the same excitement you get when you find an Easter egg in a game.

But the mystery 6-pin port may have more to offer than mere intrigue; one company has now proven its worth as a means of charging the Apple Watch.

Earlier this month, an accessory maker called Reserve Strap claimed its battery-pack-cum-watchstrap could charge the wearable.

The Reserve Strap, to clarify, is currently the only Apple Watch band that can charge the device while you wear it.

We were sceptical of the claims at first, but the company has since released a video proving the Reserve Strap’s conductive charging works.

What’s more, the mystery port can actually be used to charge the device faster than is possible through Apple’s standard inductive method.

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A time-lapse video shows two watches being charged simultaneously through alternate sources of power, both from empty batteries.

At the end of the video, the 6-pin charged Apple Watch is on 95 per cent charge, while the Magsafe charged Apple Watch is only on 90 per cent.

As you can see very clearly, the Apple Watch being charged with the 6-pin accessory port is charging faster than the Apple Watch being charged through the Apple inductive cord,” said one of the Reserve Strap’s creators, speaking in the video.

Apple has not made the port officially available to third parties however. It also made no mention of it during the device’s launch keynote, or through in the official documentation.

This means that we’re not actually sure what the implications are for utilising the enigmatic port, so it might be best left alone for now.

Do you think Apple should go public with its secret 6-pin connection? Let us know in the comments.

Check out the video below: