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Here’s how Doom Eternal will play on the punishing ‘Nightmare’ difficulty

New gameplay footage has emerged of Doom Eternal, showcasing how id Software’s brutal and bloody shooter will play on its hardest difficulty setting. 

The word ‘Nightmare’ will elicit either terrifying shrieks or unabashed cheers from Doom fans around the world, depending on how hard a time they like when they’re busy slaying demons from the depths of hell. 

This new footage of Doom Eternal comes courtesy of SpudHunter on YouTube, who has captured a healthy chunk of the game on the hardest difficulty, and its as anxiety-inducing as one might be expect with the player moving at ludicrous speeds while wiping out all manner of nasties. 

You’ll find all manner of iconic creatures alongside an encounter with the infamous Cyberdemon, who takes an obscene amount of bullets to take down on Nightmare, although our player is seemingly more than up to the task. Chances are the full experience won’t pull any punches, though. 

The footage seems to feature one of Eternal’s Slayer Gates, which are essentially the sequel’s version of Rune Trials, albeit far more expansive than optional quests resulting in meagre rewards. This time, players can engage in optional battles offering obscene amounts of challenge. 

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Doom Eternal is scheduled to launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 20, 2020. We went to play it for a few hours earlier this year and came away hugely impressed, and it seems to build upon the original in some bloody and exciting ways:

“At its heart, Doom Eternal is a power fantasy. Starting out with basic weapons, armour and abilities, each of the campaign’s upgrades comes with real weight and heft, taking the player a step closer to being an unstoppable killing machine who will wade through demonic foes with gruesome ease,” reads our preview from George Storr.