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Cute or hideous? Here’s another look at the Pixel 5 XL prototype’s… face

Earlier this week, a jaw-dropping Pixel 5 XL render hit the web, and the same source has now posted a follow-up image that claims to give us an even better idea of what Google’s next flagship could look like.

Jon Prosser, the YouTube personality behind Front Page Tech, posted the image below. Once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it:

That’s definitely a face. A surprised face. What has this phone been getting up to? Clearly something very naughty indeed.

The enormous rear camera module appears to house a trio of lenses that are arranged in a triangle, with a flash in the middle. According to Prosser, the sensor at the bottom is a wide-angle lens, which would make the Pixel 5 the first Pixel phone to feature it.

Unlike Prosser’s previous render, this one shows the front of the device too, and it looks the same as that of the Pixel 4, with relatively chunky bezels and a forehead.

It looks like the underwhelming Soli Radar system, which enables gesture controls on the Pixel 4, is set to make a return. But if you really hate it you should be able to turn it off. On the Pixel 4 it kept causing me to skip songs accidentally, and is more frustrating than useful.

In his earlier leak, Prosser claimed that this render is just one of three prototype designs for the Pixel 5 XL, so there’s a one-in-three chance that Google will press ahead with an alternative design.

A separate report that also emerged this week claimed that the Pixel 5 could feature reverse wireless charging, which gives us hope that Google might beef up the battery capacity this time around. Poor stamina is undoubtedly the biggest issue with the Pixel 4 range.

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The Pixel 4 launched in October, and we expect the Pixel 5 range to land this October. Which gives us plenty of time for more leaks.