Here’s what it’ll cost to not drive Tesla’s self-driving cars

Earlier this week Tesla announced it was building self-driving hardware into all new cars, ahead of a time when drivers will be legally allowed to be non-drivers.

The tech will come as standard in all new models, but drivers are going to have to fork over a fair wad of cash if they actually want to use it.

The self-driving features on the Model S and Model X SUV will be pay-to-unlock (via The Verge).

Firstly, it will require the $5,000 Enhanced Autopilot software, which rises to $6,000 after delivery.

Full self-driving capability, as Tesla puts it, will be an extra $3K at the point of sale or $4,000 if you want to add it afterwards.

All in all, drivers will be looking at $10,000 if they buy the car first.

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That’s still likely to be pittance compared to the cost of standalone self-driving cars when they eventually hit the market and it’s not as if money is the primary concern for Model S and X drivers anyway.

Of course, Tesla still has a lot of work to convince regulators its current Autopilot tech is safe and roadworthy before full self-driving capability is approved.

Earlier this week, German regulators ruled Tesla couldn’t even call it Autopilot.

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