Here’s how to take a 4K tour of the International Space Station

NASA has unveiled an Ultra HD video tour of the International Space Station, giving us earth-dwellers a look at what life on-board is like.

The 18 minute fly-through has been captured in 4K for NASA TV UHD, and provides a look at everything from the panoramic cupola to the holding rooms.

And for those of us without access to NASA TV UHD, there’s a video available on that slightly more popular platform: YouTube.

The tour really is stunning, taking us through the ISS, which has living space that equates to that of a five-bedroom house, from module to module.

The video itself has been produced by Harmonic, which according to the firm’s website, captures ‘beautiful imagery from the space program’.

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Using Ultra HD cameras on-board the station, the company provides footage to the NASA TV UHD, which is available on the AMC 18C satellite, with a North American footprint.

Harmonic used a “a fisheye lens for extreme focus and depth of field” when shooting this latest tour of the ISS, according to NASA.

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