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Hello TrustedReviews readers,

First of all, many thanks for supporting the site. It wouldn’t be very rewarding for us if no one read the website, and we’d probably not get paid and that would make us sad. The great news is there are so many of you now that we’re continuing to expand the team so we can do more interesting things, like in-depth videos.

As part of that expansion, we’d like you to spare less than five minutes to participate in the 2015 TrustedReviews Reader Survey. We won’t share your information

with anyone. In fact, you don’t even have to share your email address

if you don’t want to.

The survey is all about what you read on TrustedReviews and how we could improve it – what you’d like to see more of, things you think we could do better and anything else that comes to mind. Please, click the link below to take the survey

and help us improve TrustedReviews.

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What’s new on TrustedReviews?
While we have you, you might also like to know what’s going on here. Just recently Jon Devo joined us from Amateur Photographer to review smartphones and tablets, and just before Christmas Aatif Sulleyman joined us as a Staff Writer.

All the videos you see are produced by Harry Jenkinson, our video producer, who now works full time on TrustedReviews. He’s out all day today with our Editor, Evan Kypreos, shooting a new style in-depth video review of a certain new phone which you’ll see soon.

Those of you who have been reading the site for a long time will know Edward Chester, who has re-joined us as Computing Editor. He’s focussed on revitalising our coverage of all things PC-related, including more reviews of graphics cards, SSDs and plenty more besides.

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Last but not least, Simon Osborne-Walker joined us towards the end of last year as Digital Publishing Manager. He edits many of the words on this website and also runs our Twitter and Facebook accounts – you should follow us on there by the way.

This survey isn’t about collecting marketing info, or about your buying ‘intentions’ or any of that nonsense; it’s just about what you think us and what we do.

Thanks for your time.

Andy Vandervell, Deputy Editor

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