HDMI Type D Mini Connector Prototyped

Could be perfect for netbooks, PMPs, mobile phones and the like.

The next revision of the HDMI standard will apparently be adding a new, extra-small connector to the spec. The Type D plug is similar in size to Micro USB but, cleverly, still has the same 19 pins as a standard Type A HDMI connector.

This pin-for-pin compatibility means that direct Type D to Type A connections would be possible. As such a mobile phone or media player capable of playing high definition content could be hooked up directly to an HDTV using HDMI.

With a growing number of small, portable devices now purporting to offer HD playback, such as the Omnia HD, the Flip Mino HD and, rumour has it, the Zune HD, it’s definitely a good thing to see a standard, universal connector emerging. I’m sure I’m not alone in my hatred of proprietary ports and cables.

The next version of the HDMI standard will apparently arrive this half of 2009, so products using the connector will likely appear not long afterwards.