Hauppauge Lets You Watch TV On Your iPad

iPad users can already watch live TV using the

tablet-specific SlingPlayer Mobile app, but while this cost £17.99 to download,

the new app from Hauppauge is free of charge.

That’s right, Hauppauge has launched its WinTV Extend for

iPad app and is offering mobile TV viewing for free, on Wi-Fi or 3G. The catch

of course is that you need to have one of Hauppauge’s WinTV TV tuners plugged

into your PC at home for the app to work.

Hauppauge WinTV Extend for iPad

The system works by plugging the TV tuner into your PC and

connecting it to your TV source. Users will need to update their software to WinTV

v7.2, which formats the live TV program into a form which can be watched on an

iPad, and then transmits the formatted TV signal to the new Hauppauge ‘WinTV

Extend for iPad’ application.

Hauppauge had previously used a Safari browser to receive

the live TV signal from the WinTV TV tuner. The new app features a better iPad

screen format, easier navigation of TV channel lists, landscape and portrait TV

watching modes, the ability to play previously recorded TV programs and better

network utilisation on both 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

Hauppauge WinTV Extend for iPad

Users who record shows onto the hard drives of their PCs can

also access these shows on their iPad using the updated software. The WinTV

Extend for iPad is available now in the App Store and users can upgrade to v7.2 here for €18.

Source: Hauppauge