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Halo is a smoke alarm with built-in weather warnings

This smoke alarm is smarter than most. As well as picking up on the usual harmful carbon monoxide, it will tell you when a storm is approaching so you can batten down the hatches.

It’s called Halo, not to be confused with Hailo, the taxi app. Amazingly, ionization-only smoke detectors won’t pick up on smouldering fires for the first 15 minutes for close to an hour. And a lot of damage can be done in that time.

Halo has two sensors – ionization and photoelectric – to pick up on any kind of fire as soon as it starts.

As well as fires, it will warn you of severe weather approaching. It flashes blue when a tornado is in the area, and can be programmed to detect hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. Red flashing means it’s detected a fire, while amber means there are high levels of CO2.

It will also tell you via a voice alert that something is wrong. Something along the lines of: “Elevated CO2 in the living room, move to fresh air!”

You’ll also get alerts on your smartphone, so you can know the state of your home from wherever you are.

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It comes with either a rechargeable battery, or a model that takes replaceable batteries. Four AA batteries will last two years with average use. And it doubles as a night light that you can adjust from your phone.

It’s smashed its funding goal and should ship in October.