Halo 3 Dominating The World

Insane numbers of sales and players.

Well it has been out a week now, so has Halo 3 been the resounding success everyone predicted? Well, in a word: yes! How does raking in over $300 million in the first week of sales, of which $170 million worth of sales came from the first 24 hours, sound?. Pretty good, obviously, and this makes Halo 3 the highest grossing entertainment launch ever. Indeed, the previous record holder, Spiderman 3, managed a comparably paltry $151 million in the first three day opening weekend.

Equally mind-blowing is the amount of time players have spent online with the title. The first 24 hours saw a million players on Xbox Live racking up 3.6 million hours of gameplay between them, which rose to 2.7 million players and 40 million hours after one week.

Regardless what you think of the game (I haven’t even played it yet), it’s hard to deny that Halo has become something special. The sales-rate of consoles have apparently doubled in the last week as well, which backs up our suggestion that Halo 3 would sell a fair few consoles. No doubt Microsoft will be hoping that this new wind can push its console back past Nintendo’s Wii, which currently has the sales lead.

The PlayStation 3, meanwhile, is pretty much stuck for the Christmas season. Price drop rumours aside, it’s hard to recommend a console that doesn’t have any triple-A titles coming out until next March. Now, stop reading this admittedly rather interesting news, plug back into the game and Finish The Fight!

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