Half Of All Teenagers Own Smartphones – Most Addicted

What we all knew anyway has been confirmed by the Communications

Market 2011 report from Ofcom, that smartphone ownership continues to rise and

that teenagers are obsessed with their phones.

The report, published today, covers a wide range of subjects, including mobile

phone usage, TV, internet and radio.

Unsurprisingly the research showed that teenagers were much

more likely to own a smartphone than adults and were more obsessed with their

handsets. 48 per cent of teenagers own a smartphone compared to just 27 per

cent of adults. Of those who own smartphones, 60 per cent of teenagers would

describe themselves as “highly addicted” to their handsets while just 37 per

cent of adults felt that way.

Ofcom Communications Market 2011

Ofcom surveyed 2,073 adults and

521 children and teenagers in March this year. The regulator defines teenagers

as aged between 12 and 15, with adults 16-years-old and above.

Another interesting finding from the survey shows that among

adults, Apple was the number one brand (32 per cent) while among teenagers

BlackBerry was the favoured brand (37 per cent) – no doubt due to the high price

of Apple devices and the free BBM on BlackBerry devices.


“Our research into the use of smartphones, in

particular, reveals how quickly people become reliant on new technology – to

the point of feeling addicted. As more and more people acquire smartphones,

they are becoming an essential tool in peoples’ social lives whether they are out

with friends socialising or using Facebook on the move,” said James

Thickett, Ofcom’s director of research.

Facebook remained the most visited site from mobile phones

with 43 million house spent on the social networking site in December 2010

alone. All this increased Facebooking has helped boost mobile data usage by a

huge 67 per cent putting huge strain on the carriers’ networks.

The full report can be found at the source link below and

gives an interesting snapshot of how pervasive technology is in our lives

today. We’ve included below some of the interesting findings from each of the

sections to give you an idea of how we are living our lives today:


 – Nearly 10

million TV sets were sold in 2010, almost all of which were HD ready

 – Viewers currently watch just

over 4 hours a day, up from 3.8 hours since last year

 – There were nearly 1 million

internet-enabled TV sales during 2010, and 125,000 sales of TVs with 3D


 – Almost half (46 per cent) of

households now have a digital video recorder (DVR)


 – Some 91.6 per

cent of the adults listened to the radio in the first quarter of 2011, up 1 per

cent on 2010

 – One in five (18 per cent)

households use the internet to listen to the radio

 – Average radio listening hours

fell from 3 hours and 24 minutes per day in 2000 to 3 hours and 12 minutes per

day in 2010


 – Over a

quarter of adults (27 per cent) and almost half of teenagers (47 per cent) now

own a smartphone

 – Nearly half (49 per cent) of

mobile subscriptions were contract in 2010, compared to 41 per cent a year


 – An average of five text messages

per day were sent for every person in the UK in 2010

 – 28 per cent of UK adults people

use their mobile phones for internet access


 – Total UK

broadband take-up has now reached 74 per cent

 – Eighty per cent of people with

superfast broadband say they are satisfied with the service

 – Nearly half of UK adults said

they used social networking sites in the first three months of 2011

 – Internet advertising spend grew

by 16 per cent in 2010 to over £4 billion

Source: Ofcom