Hackers vow to kill Xbox Live and PSN this Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, unless hackers ruin Christmas morning…

A hacker collective has threatened to shut down Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network this Christmas.

The group, which is self-titled as ‘Phantom Squad’, vowed to shutter both services for a whole week.

Here’s the tweet in question:


The Phantom Squad also posted a Twitter poll asking other users which service they’d prefer to be taken down:


The attack would mirror a similar attack that saw gamers worldwide shut out of online console gaming last Christmas.

The Phantom Squad’s reasoning goes something like this: if systems can be taken down, it proves the security isn’t good enough.

The group explains itself in the following tweet:


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Of course, Twitter folk weren’t too happy with the planned attack, and hit back at the Phantom Squad:

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 675526937645858816

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 675793256110780416

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 675779688892092416

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 675784750397722624

Phantom Squad has already attacked a number of services, including Grand Theft Auto 5 online.

It also alleges to have taken down Reddit earlier this morning, although the site currently seems to be working to full effect.

Do you think these hackers make a good point, or are they just Scrooges by a different name? Let us know in the comments.