Guillermo Del Toro isn’t playing a creative role in Death Stranding

Famed director Guillermo Del Toro has confirmed the nature of his role in Kojima Production’s Death Stranding.

Pacific Rim and Pan’s Labyrinth creator will a play a relatively minor role in Hideo Kojima’s next big project.

Speaking to IGN, Del Toro said he will have a purely creative role in Death Stranding, as well as acting as a character in the game.

“Kojima-san called me and said, ‘I want you to be a character in the game,’ and I said, ‘Gladly.’ He’s discussed his ideas so I could understand the character, but other than that I’m not involved, creatively, at all,” he explained

“This is entirely Kojima-san’s game,”. I think it’s gonna be a fantastic game, 100%. But this is him and his ideas. I’m just a puppet in his hands. My contribution is limited to being a cheerleader for his ideas and being scanned for long hours at a time. That’s about it.”

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We wouldn’t blame fans for believing the two might be collaborating on the project, which would have been a dream for fans still mourning the long-lost Silent Hills.

Del Toro isn’t the only famous face to play a prominent part in Death Stranding. The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus will act as the game’s protagonist.

Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen has also been confirmed as the villain, commanding a ghostly squad of heavily armed soldiers in the latest trailer.

Death Stranding is currently in development for PS4 and PC, with Kojima Productions hoping to release it before 2019.