GTA V: second trailer released

Rockstar Games has released the second GTA V trailer, revealing a little of the background behind the game’s three main protagonists.

Last week we learned that, in a departure from previous titles in the series, Grand Theft Auto V will feature a trio of playable characters: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. This two-minute video shows a little of each: Michael is a family man who has left crime behind, but struggles with his offspring and wife (spoiler: he’s getting back into illegal activities); Franklin is a young repo man shown here retrieving a sports car from a non-paying customer; and Trevor is a maniacal career criminal who engages in all kinds of violent craziness, burning down houses, dealing drugs and dishing out beatings.


Also shown is plenty of action, including car chases, a dirt bike race, shootouts, a train crash and aerial combat, plus a sequence where Trevor drives a jeep out of the back of a plane before bailing out. In other words, fairly standard stuff for a Grand Theft Auto game.

GTA V will go on sale in the spring of next year on Xbox 360 and PS3, and can be pre-ordered from the Rockstar Games site now.

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