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GTA Online microtransaction prices leaked

The prices Rockstar Games is charging for in-game currency bundles in GTA Online have leaked online.

It seems GTA Online gamers will be able to purchase additional in-game currency by spending real money on a range of cash cards.

After an image of the cash cards appeared online yesterday, a Eurogamer source has revealed the pricing of each of the four shark-themed currency cards.

For $100,000, you can purchase the £1.99 Red Shark Cash Card or can opt for the £3.49 Tiger Shark Cash Card to receive $200,000 in GTA Online.

However, from there the prices jump quite considerably. The $500,000 Bull Shark Cash Card is a hefty £6.99, but the $1,250,000 Great White Shark Cash Card will set you back a whopping £13.49.

The source discovered the pricing details for the cash cards when getting some early access contact with the game.

Of course, several details may well be changed before GTA Online is released next week on October 1.

Apparently, the value of items in GTA Online is different to the pricing in GTA 5. For example, a car costing $1 million in GTA 5 will only cost around $150,000 in the multiplayer game.

Properties will also be cheaper to purchase in GTA Online, with the most expensive costing around $400,000. However, that comes at a cost, because you’ll only be able to own one property at a time. You can supposedly trade in properties and reclaim the price difference between the two if applicable.

Rockstar Games will ramp up the cost of weapons and car customisation features in GTA Online, with only pistols and tyre mods available to purchase at the beginning.

With further official details expected to be released by Rockstar before GTA Online is released next week, we predict more information about the in-game transactions in due course.

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