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GTA 5 PS3 bundle announced, will land alongside game on September 17

A GTA 5 PS3 bundle has been formally unveiled by Sony at E3 2013, with the special edition console set up to land alongside the game this September.

Set to share the September 17 GTA 5 release date, the newly announced GTA 5 PS3 bundle will see a copy of the game come boxed with a 500GB PS3 Super Slim console and a GTA 5 Pulse Elite Edition headset and custom audio mode.

Making the bundle all the more enticing, this gaming collection will come wrapped in a special box adorned with exclusive GTA 5 themed artwork.

Further looking to entice eager Grand Theft Auto loving gamers away from its Xbox branded rival, Sony has confirmed that the PS3 rendition of the game will provide an specially created audio experience. Providing more true-to-life and impactful audio, the PS3 GTA 5 enhancements were confirmed during the Japanese manufacturer’s pre-E3 press conference which saw the PS4 priced confirmed as set to undercut that of the Xbox One.

“The custom Grand Theft Auto V audio mode for Pulse – Elite Edition takes full advantage of the BassImpact technology embedded in the Pulse – Elite Edition headset to provide the ultimate Grand Theft Auto V experience,” an official Sony spokesperson stated. “This exclusive mode enhances the game’s most epic moments like car crashes, explosions and more.”

With the GTA 5 PS3 bundle to set wannabe owners back $299 (£192) and come paired with a 30 day PlayStation Plus trial membership, it has not yet been announced when, or indeed if, the title will drop for next-gen consoles.

Despite being set to hit retailers just weeks before the Xbox One and PS4 land priced £429 and £349 respectively, publisher Rockstar has failed to confirm any next-gen GTA 5 plans. What’s more, a GTA 5 PC release is still up in the air.

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