Black Friday and Cyber Monday GoPro deals – lowest-ever GoPro Hero 7 Black price and more

Best GoPro Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals: If you’re looking for a new action camera, Black Friday 2018 is serving up some top GoPro bargains.

The deals are running right through to Cyber Monday on 26 November and we’ve rounded up the best ones below.

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Best GoPro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Right now, Amazon has a cracking deal on the GoPro Hero 5 Black Master Kit, which includes a case, mini tripod and memory card.

If you want one of GoPro’s newer Hero 7 models, though, then Wex Photo Video is your best bet, thanks to its 10% voucher on the Black, Silver and White models.

Sites like Argos are also still selling new versions of discontinued models like the GoPro Hero 5 Session, if you want a handy mini GoPro that can be mounted pretty much anywhere.

Best GoPro Deals

GoPro Hero 7 Black

A great deal on the best action camera you can buy. The latest and greatest GoPro, the Hero 7 Black has superb HyperSmooth electronic image stabilisation, live streaming capabilities and improved 4K video.

GoPro Hero 7 Silver

Now that it's dipped below £200 for the first time, this is a real bargain for those who don't want to stretch to the flagship Black model. The Silver still shoots 4K video at 30fps and is fully waterproof to ten metres.

GoPro Hero 7 White

The new entry-level GoPro, this model doesn't offer the 4K of its more expensive stablemates (instead shooting 1080p) but it is otherwise very similar to the Silver at a record low price for a GoPro.

GoPro Hero 5 Master Kit (Includes Casey, Shorty and 16 GB Memory Card)

A cracking GoPro deal. This bundle includes the GoPro Hero 5 Black (which records 4K video at 30fps and is waterproof to 10m), plus a mini tripod, case and 16GB memory card.

GoPro Fusion

GoPro's first crack at a 360-degree camera is still one of the best you can buy, with its OverCapture software letting you choose highlights from the 5.2K spherical video for a standard 'flat' 1080p video. It can also take 18-megapixel still images.

GoPro Hero 5 Session

It's a shame this little cube-shaped GoPro has now been discontinued, but you can still buy it new from some stores at a reduced price – with 4K video quality that's pretty much as good as the Hero 5 Black and a mount-it-anywhere form factor, it makes for a great secondary camera on big shoots.

Best GoPro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals – Accessories

A GoPro isn’t complete without all the accessories that make it so fun and easy to use.

  • GoPro The Strap (Hand, wrist, arm and leg) for £49.99, saving £10 – Currys
  • GoPro Floaty for £11.21, saving £8.78 – Amazon
  • GoPro head strap and quick clip for £19.95, saving £5.04 – Amazon
  • GoPro chest mount harness for £34.99, saving £5 – Amazon

Best GoPro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Which GoPro should you get?

GoPro Hero 5 range

GoPro’s new Hero 7 range, which launched in September 2018, has confused things a little for prospective GoPro buyers. So let’s break down exactly what you’re getting with the three models (the Hero 7 Black, Silver and White) and which ones they replace in GoPro’s line-up.

If you need the best action camera you can currently buy (and quite possibly the best one ever made), then you should go for the GoPro Hero 7 Black. It’s currently available with a 10% discount from Wex Photo Video, which is unusual for a brand new flagship. No other GoPro includes its excellent new HyperSmooth electronic image stabilisation, which we found to be gimbal-like for handheld shooting.

The Hero 7 Black is also the only model that can shoot 4K/60fps, livestream to social media, and shoot impressive ‘Hyperlapse’ videos thanks to its new TimeWarp mode.

That said, at its current Black Friday and Cyber Monday price of £197, the GoPro Hero 7 Silver is a fine buy. It’s very similar to the GoPro Hero 5 Black, which is now discontinued but available in good value bundles like the Master Kit above. The Hero 7 Silver still records 4K video at 30fps and is waterproof to ten metres. One of the main differences between it and the Hero 5 Black is that the latter has a removable battery, meaning you can hot-swap it out for a fresh one on the fly, which isn’t the case on the Hero 7 Black.

If you’re on a limited budget, then the Hero 7 White is still a decent option and the most affordable full-size GoPro we’ve seen at its Black Friday price. It shoots HD video (which is perfectly fine for YouTube) and is the best bet if you just want to share footage and snaps on social media.

Older GoPros, like the Hero 6 Black, Hero 5 Black and Hero are all being discontinued in light of the new releases, although these are very similar to the models that have replaced them, so can offer good value (like the GoPro Hero 5 Black Master Kit above).

Lastly, there’s the GoPro Fusion, which is a 360-degree camera. It’s not just for shooting VR-friendly videos – its OverCapture software means you can film an entire scene and then choose highlights to include in a standard, ‘flat’ 1080p video.

It’s one of the better 360-degree cameras we’ve tested, thanks to its great image quality and ease of use. The Fusion has been stuck at a £549 price tag (£100 less than its launch price) for a while, so we’ll update this page as soon as we see a price drop.

Best GoPro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals – Is it worth considering an older GoPro?

If you’re looking for a real bargain and don’t need cutting edge specs, then absolutely. In particular, it’s worth keeping an eye on the GoPro Hero 5 Black’s price, as that could be a good alternative to the newer Hero 7 Silver. Unlike the latter, it has a removable battery, shoots higher resolution stills and has an external microphone.

The Hero 6 Black has double the performance of the Hero 5 Black, such as 4K at 60fps and 1080p at a slow-motion friendly 240fps. The dynamic range, low-light performance and image stabilisation are also much improved. Even if the latter isn’t as good as the Hero 7 Black’s HyperSmooth, it still produces impressively smooth handheld footage, so is another model to keep a close eye on.

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The entry-level GoPro prior to the Hero 7 White was the GoPro Hero. This tops out at 1440p/60fps with 10-megapixel still images. Its design is very similar to that of the Hero 5 and Hero 6 Black models, which means it has a waterproof body without the need for a case. It does away with the built-in GPS of the more expensive models, though.

Recently discontinued is the Hero 5 Session, which is a smaller and more compact cube-shaped model, ideal for those looking for the most lightweight and portable action camera.

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Best GoPro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals – What to expect…

It’ll be well worth tuning in for Black Friday 2018 as GoPro cameras have featured heavily in the past. You invariably find a whole bunch of money-off deals on the famed action camera brand.

Black Friday 2017 saw some great deals on a range of GoPro gear, including the GoPro Hero 6 Black, GoPro Hero 5 Black, and even the discontinued GoPro Karma drone.

We’re hoping to see some deep discounts on the newest GoPro Hero 7 Black model, with some prices already coming in below the £399 RRP. Likewise, the Hero 7 Silver and Hero 7 White could also be available for well below their recent RRP launch prices.

Older models, like the Hero 6 Black, Hero 5 Black and Hero have now been discontinued, so that means retailers might use Black Friday as the opportune time to clear out inventory. If you don’t need the absolute latest models, they’re still great performers and could save you a pretty penny.

Best GoPro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals – why should I go for a GoPro over other action cameras?

GoPro Hero 6 Black

Why buy a GoPro when you can find sub-£100 action cameras with apparently similar specs? It’s true that GoPros often carry a slight premium compared to other action cameras, but there are often good reasons for this.

Firstly, many cheaper action cameras that can apparently shoot 4K actually use interpolation to hit that resolution, with the real top resolution being 2.7K or below. It’s also worth checking to see if their frame-rates and bit-rates are good enough at the resolution you want to record at.

GoPros also generally come out on top when it comes to usability. Rivals like the Yi 4K+ have improved in this area, but GoPro has refined its touchscreen menus over recent generations, while its Quik app is a handy way to quickly edit together videos using its suggested highlights.

If you choose the top-end Hero 7 Black, you get very nicely stabilised 4K video at 60fps, which its rivals can’t match. And lastly, there’s the huge ecosystem of mounts and accessories available for GoPros – wherever you need to mount one, there’ll likely be a solution.

If you’re only looking to get an action camera for a one-off shoot, then a cheaper action camera might still be a better buy. But for everyone else, GoPro’s options, in particular the excellent GoPro Hero 7 Black, are the still the slickest and most approachable action cams you can buy.

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