GooSync: Sync Google Calendar/Contacts To Mobiles


One of the key aspects of the iPhone is its seamless integration with Google’s popular applications, but now everyone else can enjoy something a little similar…

‘GooSync’ is the wonderful name for a new app by Toffa International which lets users wirelessly sync their Google Calendars and Contacts with any mobile device and/or Outlook.

This utterly funky functionality couldn’t be more straightforward either since all a user need do is create a GooSync account, select their mobile device and authorise GooSync to access their Google Calendar. From here an SMS is sent to your phone to automatically input the required settings and wherever you need to sync information select the newly installed GooSync option in your phone and its done over GPS/3G.

Limits of the service currently are that it can’t autosync at present but that feature will be available soon. Also there are free and premium accounts, the former only letting appointments be synced up to 30 days in advance, the latter extending this to 365 days, adding contact sync and support for multiple Google accounts.

“Mobile users are tired of using multiple applications to synchronize different bits of data,” said Chris Jukes, Toffa International’s MD. “Our users wanted a one-stop solution, especially for vital Calendars and Contacts. This is a major step towards that. Keeping calendars and contacts synced and safe is a priority for mobile users.”

Logical, sensible, simple… what a concept!

”’Update 27/11/07”’ Now with native iPhone support. Go grab it…