Google smart displays finally have a release date

After first being revealed all the way back at CES 2018, Google’s range of smart displays finally have a release date: July 2018. 

The announcement was made as part of the Google I/O 2018 keynote, where it was revealed that the likes of the Lenovo Smart DisplayLG ThinQ WK9 and JBL View will be able to buy in just a couple of month’s time.

Google’s smart displays are best thought of as an addition to the current lineup of Google Assistant-equipped smart speakers, and a competitor to the Amazon Echo Show. Like the smart speakers, you’ll be able to give a variety of voice commands, and like the Show you’ll be able to see, as well as hear, the results.

One interesting use case shown off was being able to see, as well as hear, cooking instructions. You’ll also be able to conduct video calls via Google Hangouts.

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Interestingly, Google hasn’t actually announced a piece of hardware for itself like it did with the Google Home and Google Home Mini. Instead, it’s been reliant on third party manufacturers to provide the hardware.

This is in direct contrast to Amazon, who have been happy to let others manufacture their own Alexa smart speakers so long as they don’t equip them with a screen.

From our early impressions at CES, Google Assistant scales up nicely to a device with a display. When on standby, the displays roll through images that you’ve stored in Google Photos, and it’ll also be able to show you videos from YouTube, or just a live feed from any Nest cameras that you have.

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