Google Video Purchase/Rental Debacle Update

Customer service the way it should be.

Apparently more people were using Google’s download-to-rent/buy video service that I thought and collectively were pretty peeved with the sudden way the program had its plug pulled. Any of you who have been lamenting the loss of your downloaded video collection for the last week can now rejoice in the knowledge that Google has seen the light and is now re-evaluating the refund process for the better.

As well as admitting that the matter could have been handled better initially, Google is now not only offering full refunds but is also postponing (is that possible with something that already happened?) the date of Doomsday for a further six months. Even better, anyone who has already received their Google Checkout credits will be allowed to keep them. The advice from Google is to “think of it as an additional ‘we’re sorry we goofed’ credit”.

While some may consider that Google should never have made the mistake in the first place my personal view is that this manner of act of benevolence from a company that, let’s face it, can afford not to bother is really quite striking and should be applauded.

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