Google Tweaks Gmail Layout & Stalks Your Friends

Little extras to help make your day more pleasant and/or land you a restraining order....

Google has certainly come flying out the traps in 2009. In its latest slew of announcements, the search giant has added usefulness and well, stalker potential….

Starting with the non-scary first and Gmail is getting yet another helpful tweak with ‘Move to’ and ‘Labels’ shortcuts added to the layout which saves users from continually having to dig on down into the menus. It seems trivial, but for anyone who owns a Gmail account it represents highly welcome click savings and may have just made my day (it’s the little things!).

On top of this Gmail Tasks has finally become more useful after undergoing a huge revamp which enables it to be used offline and easily accessed outside of Gmail and iGoogle on any mobile phone with a web browser. The end of pen and paper? Maybe not, but it’s a highly welcome step in the right direction.

Lastly, and here’s the freaky bit: ‘Google Latitude’. Designed to be used either from a PC or Android, BlackBerry, Symbian S60 or Windows Mobile phones (iPhone and Sony Ericsson handsets ‘coming soon’) it lets users share their location with one another and track them on Google Maps. Naturally there are full privacy controls with this feature to limit exactly who can see what and even where and when your location will show up.

Yep, it’s the feature every teenager with a computer literate parent has been dreading…

As is typical of Google all this stuff is available immediately and free. Can’t say fairer than that.

”’Update:”’ And the tweaks keep coming. The latest for Gmail is multiple inboxes, not in the truest sense (multiple account inboxes) but the ability to display the contents of your labelled mail simultaneously. The image below speaks a thousand words…

Gmail Layout Annoucement
Gmail Tasks Announcement
Google Latitude