Google Sync Brought to Nokia S60 Handsets

The joys of full over the air synchronisation are expanded beyond the iPhone and Windows Mobile.

NuevaSync may have been first, but over the air synchronisation got a high profile boost back in February when Google announced its Exchange powered free OTA service, something Nokia owners can now enjoy fully as well…

Google Sync has been expanded to cover two way wireless calendar ”and” contact synchronisation with S60 based devices – something that could also reward S60 based Samsung i8510 and i8910 phones.

Setup is simple with S60 users given a download link for the software (available via the link below) and clear setup instructions (ditto). A potential caveat for some however is Google Sync operates solely in unison with a Gmail account though in my opinion it is head and shoulders ahead of other online mail services at this moment in time.

Furthermore, initial OTA synchronisation will blank existing handset contacts and calendar information so best get content into Gmail first via tools such as Google Calendar Sync as well as following the importing contacts guide.

In typical company style, Google Sync for S60 handsets has been made immediately available so head on over and prepare for one little part of life to become far easier…

Google Sync for Nokia S60 Handsets