Updated: Google Speeds Up Chrome

As if it wasn't already fast enough...

If you use Google Chrome there’s a good chance the primary reason is because it’s very, ”very” fast – but according to Google: not fast enough…

Today the company has begun automatically rolling out a new edition of the browser to all users which promises even more speed.

Now raw benchmarks haven’t been handed out but the new build takes advantage of an updated version of Webkit and an upgrade to Google’s JavaScript engine, V8. Most usefully, these improvements are said to be far more scalable so users will notice it most when lots of tabs are open.

Speaking of which, the default Chrome homepage can now be customised so users can remove thumbnails of any of their most visited sites should they want certain ones to remain secret. Google uses the example of website “Most Embarrassing Moments” but my mind is headed elsewhere. Always remember to use the (s)porn(/s) Incognito mode guys and gals.

Next is increased stability with more than 300 bugs now squashed and there’s two long requested additions: a full screen mode (yep, accessible using the usual F11 key) and a basic version of form autofill (it remembers what you have typed as you click on each field).

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned anything about version numbers here and that’s because Google isn’t discussing them. It even dismissed the v2.0 element to the browser saying “We don’t give too much weight to version numbers and will continue to roll out useful updates as often as possible”.

Either way, Chrome converts should be even happier and sceptics may be feeling a little more love. Roll on the Chrome extensions

”’In related news:”’ Google has unified its logos, not thrilling but at least it does bring a greater sense of order to things. Examples below:

”’Update:”’ I’ve uncovered some interesting version information which perhaps explains Google’s reluctance to discuss build numbers. This new edition is in fact v2.0.177.1 – the same edition which beta users have been running for some time now, it has simply replaced the defacto v1.x and dropped the beta tags. Cheats!

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