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Google says ‘no point’ in merging Android and Chrome

Google may be putting a stopper on long-rumoured plans to merge its Android and Chrome operating systems.

For several months, the web has been ablaze with rumours that Google has been secretly developing an ‘Andromeda’ OS, which would merge the best features of Google’s mobile (Android) and desktop (Chrome) platforms. This would have meant that software would work across both mediums natively, making life much easier for developers and consumers alike – think Microsoft’s ‘unified’ strategy for Windows 10.

But it seems Andromeda is little more than a pipe dream, as Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s VP of Android, Chrome OS and Play, confirmed Google isn’t planning any such move while speaking on the All About Android podcast (via Android Authority).

“For us, there’s no point in merging [Chrome OS and Android],” said Lockheimer. “They’re both successful. We just want to make sure that both sides benefit from each other.”

What we’re much more likely to see going forward is Android and Chrome borrowing from each other, as they have done in the past. For reference, Lockheimer cited the addition of Chrome’s seamless updates to Android, which was introduced in this year’s Android 7.0 Nougat update, and the use of Android apps on Chrome.

“You’ll see a lot more of that happening, where we’re sort of cross-pollinating. But not, sort of, a merge,” explained Lockheimer.

Google is expected to unveil the next version of Android at next year’s Google I/O developer conference. We’ve not heard much in the way of rumours, but the software is likely to be Android version 8.0, and will have a tasty nickname beginning with ‘O’ – Oreo, perhaps? Stay tuned.

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