Google Rolling Out Offline Gmail, Calendar & Docs

When we looked at Samsung’s Chromebook, we loved the design and long battery life but the fact that the

minute you lost an internet connection, the laptop became about as useful as a chocolate teapot, was a bit of a drawback.

Back at Google I/O, the Mountain View

company told us that offline access to some Google web apps was “coming”. Well

now it’s here, with Google announcing offline access to Gmail, Calendar and


The Gmail Offline app is available in the Chrome Web Store

and is HTML-5 powered. After you install the app you can continue

using Gmail even when you lose your connection by clicking the Gmail Offline icon on

Chrome’s “new tab” page.

Gmail Offline

Calendar and Docs promise to let you “seamlessly transition

between on- and offline modes.” When you are offline in Calendar you will be

able to views events and RSVP to appointments.

While Google Docs  will let you view documents and

spreadsheets offline, offline editing is still not available, which is a pity as this

is where a lot of the productivity for non-connected Chromebooks would have

come from. Google promises it is “working hard to make it a reality.”

To use the offline aspect of Calendar and Docs, simply click

the gear icon at the top right corner of the web app and select the option for

offline access.

Offline access is due to hit today for Gmail with Calendar

and Docs getting a rolling release in coming days. Google said it would make

offline access more widely available “when other browsers support advanced


Source: Official Gmail Blog