Google now lets you check if your flight has Wi-Fi

Google has just given its Flight Search feature a big upgrade, courtesy of Routehappy integration.

Routehappy is a product comparison platform that caters to air travel, making it easy to see which airlines offer what features.

Fortunately for Googlers, the search engine giant has integrated data from Routehappy’s Scores & Happiness Factors API right into Google Flights results.

This means users will now be able to check where their upcoming flight has Wi-Fi.

Not only Wi-Fi, however, as Routehappy also provides information about seat type, in-seat power, and a host of other amenities.

Gianni Marostica, Director of Business Development for Travel at Google, said: “We know people are looking for more information about the flights they’re taking before they buy, so integrating Routehappy Happiness Factors is a great addition to Google Flights.”

“Now even more people have access to comprehensive flight amenity data and useful flight search information,” he added.

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This is a big boon to consumers, as it makes it far easier for users to decide which flights offer the greatest perks.

Hopefully that will persuade airlines to start bundling in more bonus goodies onto your travel plan.

Robert Albert, Routehappy’s CEO, said: “Air travel has never been more differentiated, with airlines investing billions of dollars in their products and fundamentally changing how they sell flights.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Google in bringing useful information to flyers everywhere.”