Google Now beats Siri and Cortana as the best digital assistant for cheating on a pub quiz

One of the biggest new features of Windows Phone 8.1 is Cortana, a digital assistant alternative to rival Appleā€™s Siri and Google Now.

Although currently a US-based beta, thanks to Cortana, Windows Phone users that upgrade to the latest update or download the developer version can ask their phone to make calls, offer travel advice and do a whole lot more without even having to type or open an app.

Ordering your smartphone into action aside, Siri, Google Now and Cortana also have their uses elsewhere like maybe giving you a helping hand at a pub quiz for instance.

So that got us thinking. Which of the digital assistants would be the most useful at cheating at a pub quiz? We carefully compiled (Googled) a series of popular pub quiz questions to put this to the test and you can see the results in the video below.

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