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Google Nexus smartwatch could launch apps from the wristband

The Google Nexus smartwatch could allow you to launch apps from the wristband via special touch buttons.

Earlier this month, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a Motorola patent application that was discovered under the filed Google patents.

The patent outlines a future wearable device, but the illustrations clearly give away that the patent is for a smartwatch.

According to the patent, Google’s smartwatch could “provide a telephone keypad, for example, that is disposed along the strap of a wearable device, and that uses no electronics whatsoever. Since the strap is constantly flexing, the lack of electronic parts afforded by embodiments of the present invention is highly beneficial and results in enhanced reliability, usability, improved style, and more aesthetically pleasing form factors.”

Google is also looking into integrating touch buttons in the smartwatch’s wristband, which could be used to launch specific apps.

It also seems that you could be able to pinch the sides of the strap to control certain smartwatch features that aren’t outlined in the patent.

“When the pliant material of the strap is stretch, such as when the strap is stretched tightly about a user’s wrist, this can be used to launch applications to monitor health conditions or to launch other applications. In one or more embodiments, these applications require the electronic device to have good contact with a user’s skin.”

As far as rumours are concerned, LG will manufacture the Google Nexus smartwatch and a patent for such a device was spotted in January 2014.

Several sources have also revealed that Google will launch the smartwatch at the Google I/O developer conference in June, potentially with the software platform announced prior to the hardware unveiling.

Whatever Google does, we imagine Google Now will play an integral role in such a Nexus smartwatch.

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Google Smartwatch patentGoogle Smartwatch patent

Via: Patently Apple