Google Nexus 7 with 3G rumoured to be arriving in six weeks

One of the few glaring omissions from the Google Nexus 7 (at least for some people) is the lack of mobile connectivity, but that looks set to change. Recent rumours suggest that Google could be shipping a 3G version soon.

We found the Google Nexus 7 to be a very well constructed tablet with a great 7-inch screen, speedy performance thanks to a quad-core CPU, and solid build quality. In fact, we didn’t even list the lack of a 3G version as a ‘Con’ in our review – at £159 it just seemed rude to quibble.

Still, we understand that some people see this a bit of a weak point for the Android tablet. Given that the Google Nexus 7 is a lot more portable than the Apple iPad, we’d certainly accept that the ability to connect to the internet while on the go would be a handy feature to have.

Fortunately, a 3G Nexus 7 looks likely to happen sooner rather than later. The well connected Paul O’Brien over at MoDoCo has a “very well-placed insider” who insists that Google isn’t just planning a 3G Google Nexus 7 – it’s almost ready to ship.

“Asus is currently ramping production in preparation for launch in around 6 weeks,” says O’Brien. While the Nexus 7 is Google’s baby, it’s actually Taiwanese manufacturer Asus that produces the tablets.

Apparently that’ll be it for new elements, with no other hardware changes planned. That might be a bit of a kick in the teeth for those lobbying for a rear-facing camera, but for the rest of us 3G will be the final piece in an already particularly attractive jigsaw puzzle.

Via MoDoCo

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