Google Maps update adds manual distance measuring feature

Google has updated its Google Maps desktop service with an incredibly useful new tool for measuring distances.

The feature lets you plot twisting routes with multiple stop-off points, providing the accumulated distance.

To access the feature, simply navigate to the Google Maps web page and right click on the map. You’ll see the option to “Measure distance” in the pop-up box.

Now you can left-click between two points, and a flexible ruled line with accompanying distance will be provided. Subsequent clicks will extend this line and add to the total distance. It’s also possible to drag the points around, with the distance adjusting in real time.

The feature has been available for some time under Google Labs, but the final version was only released by Google yesterday.

As the official Google Plus posting on the subject points out, the tool is great for bikers, runners, and hikers looking to quickly map out a route of a certain length.

It’s also great for doodling funny pictures when you’re bored at work. It’s the little things in life that make you happy, no?

This latest update is available now on the desktop version of Google Maps only. Here’s hoping Google implements it into future versions of the Google Maps Android and iOS apps.

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Via: TNW