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Google Maps is getting an Incognito mode

Google has announced a new Incognito mode for Google Maps during its I/O 2019 event, allowing more privacy when using the navigation app.

While Google Maps has long been a fantastic app for navigating around cities and roads, it’s never been ideal for the privacy conscious, with Google storing data to your Google account such as locations you’ve visited, places you’ve searched and routes you’ve traveled while using the Google Maps app.

For those concerned about such sensitive data falling into the wrong hands, or simply don’t like Google collecting such private information, the new Incognito mode prevents all of your activity from being saved to your account, giving you peace of mind. This works very similar to how Incognito functions with YouTube and Google Chrome.

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Google claims the new Incognito mode is very easy to activate. Simply tap your profile picture in the top-right corner of Google Maps, and the option to activate Incognito mode will pop up near the top of a list of settings. Conveniently, it’s dead simple to deactivate too, with just a tap of the icon where your profile picture used to show required to switch back to your personal account.

Whether you don’t want Google storing all your sensitive data for advertising purposes, or just want to remove the risk of your friends and family finding out you’re frequently visiting the local takeaway during your diet, this easy-access Incognito mode looks to be seriously useful. Google said the revamped Maps will be coming soon, but there’s yet to be an official release date.

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In the name of privacy, Google has also made the Google Account setting more easily accessible in major Google products and services. Click on your profile picture, and the Google Account button will now appear right at the top in an outlined box, removing the hassle and time consumption for altering your privacy and security settings.